Parallax by Philip Edsel - A New Sony RX0 Film

Photographer and director Philip Edsel was commissioned by Sony to create a motion piece that put their all-new RX0 camera through it’s paces. The result is Parallax, a reference to both the physical perspectives with which the camera was used and the frenetic nature of relationships between two people.

This film was shot entirely on the new Sony RX0 camera to demonstrate it's ultra-compact form factor. The camera was used handheld, on a gimbal, in its underwater housing, crammed into tight corners, and in a group of 8 cameras on a bullet time rig.

We also created a BTS "Making of Parallax" video here:

Concept & Direction - Philip Edsel /
Director of Photography - Peter Longno /
Producer & BTS - Moyo Oyelola /
Choreography - Jacob Jonas
Talent - Nic Walton & Joy Isabella Brown of Jacob Jonas the Company
Song - “Into” by Aten Rays