#Summerfeels: Philip Edsel for CB2

Recently, CB2 asked photographer and writer Philip Edsel to help them usher in the First Day of Summer with his series #captionsbywriters for their Instagram feed. Philip wrote pieces to accompany images he shot in Los Angeles that encapsulated the idea of #summerfeels by documenting not people, but light.

Read the posts below.


"The sun rose, a sweet light, and took its time to fill in the nooks left hollow by the night, vibrant and angular across concrete, as hard and soft intersected to signal the break of summer day."


"On summer days like these, designs of graphic shapes — the golden mathematics of the sun — write the solstice on the surface of the earth."

"We stood there watching surfers oscillate amongst the waves and bathers line the sand like rays from the sun, unconcerned but grateful for a season of slowness, of basking, of skin tinged with salt. "

"In the evening we swayed along the pier to the summer soundtrack of distant children laughing. And as the ferris wheel churned slowly overhead, I made sure to remember the wind and the wave, the seasons in cycles, and the warmth of your hand clasped gently in mine."



"The Light shifted and shattered at the shut of day as you and I lay counting the colors multitudinous on our skin like mirrors. And for just a second I was tricked into thinking the world was perfection, a beautiful reflection, a moment of timeless, weightless, stillness."

Philip Anderson Edsel

Fashion and Portrait Photographer from Austin, Texas.