philip edsel

Curated's Philip Edsel Shoots Live for MTV @ SXSW

Recently, MTV reached out to us to source Influencer Philip Edsel to shoot along-side their directors at SXSW to capture some stunning imagery of some popular music celebrities.  And celebrities there were.  Captured in brief here are Rick Ross, rap mogul and entrepreneur, and artist, Life of A Desiigner.  

A Look at Influencer Philip Edsel's Groundbreaking Instagram Novel

In 2013, I combined my love for photography and writing into a project aimed at creating a community of writers on Instagram, called #captionsbywriters. I wrote a series of short prose entries inspired by the images I would post.

Then in 2014, in honor of National Novel Writing Month (November), I decided to be a little more ambitious and write the first ever Instagram novel. It was a photographic novel consisting of 30 original images and chapters, written and post each day. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but luckily, it ended up being a project I'm super proud of, and one that gained a lot of attention. To read the novel, entitled #TheValleyOfAshes, you can either search the hashtag or the hashtag #myinstagramnovel, or just follow me @edsel and scroll down to my first title post which you can see below.

Here are a few of the posts! (And here is Instagram's feature on me.)