Dynamic Motion Content

At Curated, we make images that turn heads and stop thumbs.

By creating dynamic motion content of all shapes and sizes, our work is not only beautiful, but engages audiences across all platforms.

Plotagraphs and Cinemagraphs

Plotagraphs are created from still images by animating in post-production. They can live natively on websites as GIFs, or be exported as hi-resolution video. Can be applied to any still image, but work best in imagery that features potentially moving elements like water, clouds, bubbles, or to denote motion, like a landscape blurring as a car speeds by.

Cinemagraphs are created from motion pieces, by "freezing" the frame, while isolating specific elements of the frame for motion. For example, a portrait image with hair blowing in the wind or a product still with a sliver of window light that travels up the wall giving a sense of time passing.

GIF Animations & Looping Video

GIFs are a series of frame animations that can live natively on websites, or even in emails. They can be produced either from stills or motion. The main difference between a Plotagraph and a GIF animation, is that while the Plotagraph is best used to imply subtle movement, GIF animation possibilities are limitless and can include more explicit type of action.

With the support of looping video on Instagram, animations can live natively as seamless loops on the platform in the video format and can even be created from creative footage captured with a cell phone (boomerangs) or drones.

Animation even gives us the ability to blur the line between 2D and 3D combining things like parallax effect and 2.5D in After Effects and Cinema 4D.