Air Born - A New Film by Dominique Palombo

I’ve always been drawn to telling stories with human movement. Dancers were always natural fit, since to me they are the very definition of that idea. But when I came across Shawn & Ayo practicing their Freerunning techniques near the Venice beach boardwalk. I knew immediately that I wanted to film them. Like everyone, I was familiar with the style of acrobatic moves of Freerunning but I had never experienced what it was like see it person, really close up. Being inches away completely changes the experience, and because, I was getting better with shooting on a gimbal, I could now follow them just inches away and give the whole thing a more visceral, intense feel. Getting them to synchronize their moves in different arrangements gave me really cool juxtapositions and unpredictable movement composition and made it much more dimensional.  I could showcase the strength and power of the movement, whilst being completely inside the technique.  Finally, editing this together was really fun, and agonizing, since so many combinations looked cool.  After about 80+ different revisions, I finally settled on the combination that really flowed and did it justice.   This is how personal projects are for me, but they are the beat of my heart when I finally complete them.